Music & Arts Ministry


True worship and praise is about exalting, adoring and acknowledging what God has done in our lives. It is an outward expression of an intimate and profound relationship with God - the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Worship can be done with a group of people, or by ourselves. We can worship God in church or in our living rooms. Location or how many people are involved doesn’t matter. When we come before the Lord with a pure and repentant heart, He will bless us with His grace and mercy.

Many people associate worship and praise with music, but there are certainly other types of expression. We can worship and praise God through raising our hands in adoration, dance, art, through the use of poetry, mime, and even through theatrical presentations. Our Music and Arts Ministry is where we use all God given talent for His glory.

We meet at least twice every month to prepare for public worship at Sunday service.