About Us


We are a church that makes disciples through dynamic worship experiences, sound biblical doctrine while caring for one another in Christian love. We are a dedicated group of believers committed to building a thriving ministry in Western Massachusetts. Currently we worship at 11 N Main in South Hadley, formerly the home of the Congregational Church of South Hadley Falls. Our high-spirited worship services are contemporary in style, yet maintain the traditional values and Biblical principles that have endured for generations. The teaching and preaching is relevant, practical, and equips people with enduring faith for real life situations.

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Our family oriented ministry takes a holistic approach. We are concerned with more than a person’s spiritual needs; we are concerned with all of their needs. Our focus is on faith, family, fellowship, finances and fitness. We pay more attention to where someone is going than where they have been. Our aim is to identify each person’s God-given gifts or talents and help them develop them for God's glory.